The Game Changer: Lessons From Ron “Jaws” Jaworski

When it comes to teamwork- and football- the best defense is a good offense.
If you want to protect your brand, like an NFL offensive line protects it’s quarterback, you’ll want to hear from Ron “Jaws” Jaworski.

After a distinguished 17 year career as an NFL Quarterback, Jaws has taken his leadership skills from the gridiron to the boardroom as the owner of a Business Relationship company and Seven Signature golf courses. He is also the author of “The Games that Changed the Game” which highlights the seven games in NFL history that changed the strategies and tactics used in the NFL today.

Learn what strategies and tactics you can put in place to tackle your companies challenges. Jaws has proven to give a team the momentum they need from “In the Huddle” to “Into the Boardroom”


In his highly motivational keynote presentations, Ron, dubbed “Jaws” for his gift of talk, shares his keys to long-term success on the gridiron – and in the business arena. Drawing on his vast experience as an athlete, entrepreneur, author, and analyst, The CEO Quarterback will teach business and community leaders how to “compete every single day”:

  • Take risks to achieve goals
  • Lead by example by fiercely competing every single day
  • Outperform bigger and more talented competitors with hard work and persistence
  • Coach, train, and lead the right people with enthusiasm and passion
  • Achieve success with integrity
  • “You have a real knack for reading your audience & focusing your comments in the areas that are most relevant to their situation & business. You really got the group fired up!” Jack (Executive Producer & Partner),

    Jack (Executive Producer & Partner)
    Aranco Productions
  • “We would like to express our appreciation for the presentation you made to our group. Your enthusiasm is genuine & contagious.”

    James, Penn
    Stainless Products, Inc.
  • “Our Sales Reps & employees have never been so excited, and are looking forward to your next appearance with us.”

    Frederick, Bradford
    White Corporation
  • “The motivational speech on teamwork & succes was excellent. You helped make the evening a big success in the eyes of ourcustomers. You were very gracious & accommodating toward our customers, truly a professional! They had an opportunity for photos & autographs and this made the event truly a great experience for all.”

  • “Your appearance was a real succes for our Athletic Foundation and the great comments about you still haven’t stopped.”

    Bill (President)
    Bill Marke & Associates
  • “I have to tell you that in the 24 year history of this event, this was by far, the most successful ever. A lot of that is due, in large, to you being there and giving your “pep talk” to the state legislature and our members.”

    Wendy (Executive Director)
    Pennsylvania Association of Convention & Visitors Bureaus
  • “There’s no doubt you were the high light of the evening. Calling people by name, referring to things you and the audience had in common, & giving individual attention to those who approached you impacted them in an unbelievably powerful way. People not only commented on how much they enjoyed your speech but also on how much they liked you as a person. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone endear so many people to him in such a short amount of time.”

    Mark (Vice President)
    Lockheed Martin
Ron has motivated employees at these prestigious companies:

The Games That Changed the Game: The Evolution of the NFL in Seven Sundays

Professional football in the last half century has been a sport marked by relentless innovation. For fans determined to keep up with the changes that have transformed the game, close examination of the coaching footage is a must. In The Games That Changed the Game, Ron Jaworski—pro football’s #1 game-tape guru—breaks down the film from seven of the most momentous contests of the last fifty years, giving readers a drive-by-drive, play-by-play guide to the evolutionary leaps that define the modern NFL.